Troy McKinna

I believe in the power of building brands!

Brands connect products and services with consumers. Brands strengthen P&Ls and drive growth. Brands attract the best talent. Brands provide a beacon in the sea of choice.

Brands are worth the fight!
At Agents of Spring, I build brands by creating disruptive, consumer led, products and services, by leveraging the creative problem solving framework.

I help organisations curiously seek out and creatively solve their customers most valuable problems. Problems, that once solved, create value for both consumers and organisations. The problems that motivate consumers to pay brands to solve.

As a start-up entrepreneur and co-founder of Quest Beverages, I practice my beliefs. I’m inspired by the journey of building the Calm & Stormy brand from nothing. A brand with a mission: Healthier people living on a healthier planet.


Brand Hustle

4 critical foundations to accelerate brand growth.