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Go With The Flow

In performance, improvisation can produce memorable results.  In business, it can make you a better innovation leader.  https://www.afr.com/work-and-careers/leaders/jack-nicholson-s-trick-can-work-for-leaders-too-20190612-p51wu2

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Why Creativity Is The Skill You Will Need To Succeed In The Future Of Work

Author: Evette Cordy Most people think creativity is something we are born with (or without). Innovation expert Evette Cordy disagrees, creativity can be learned—all it takes is practice. In their 2019 talent report, LinkedIn identified creativity as the most in-demand soft skill. This behavioural insight was derived from 590 million LinkedIn members in 200+ countries. While hard skills still matter,

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Four Principles Of Building Brand Loyalty For Your Start-up

Author: Troy McKinna Consumers regularly return to brands they have previously bought. On the surface, this behaviour appears to be an act of loyalty, but deeper analysis reveals it is more to do with a marriage of convenience. Brands make our lives easier, so we reward them with our money. Our favourite brands make themselves

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How To Speed Up Your Innovation Process

Author: Evette Cordy Many businesses are under overwhelming pressures, including constant deadlines for immediate, short-term results. There is often an urgency to innovate due to revenue shortfalls, portfolio gaps and/or market disruptions. Where organisations once had the luxury of time to work on long-term innovation pipelines, business dynamics have dramatically changed. There is a need

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