Speed is the new scale.

You might have time to sit around pontificate, but your competitors won’t. Time is precious. Act fast. Our sprints are a 4 stage process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. It compresses potentially months of work into a few days.

5 day sprint

Already have a good handle on the customer problem?
Have a cross functional team ready to align and energise?
Have an urgent deadline?

The 5 day sprint is for you. Refine your strategy, design working prototypes, gain feedback, further strengthen and pitch.

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6 to 12 week sprint

Sometimes the challenge is big and the business focus is intense, so a more robust approach is required.

The extended time is used to immerse the team deeply into the customer’s world conducting a robust piece of design research and to develop a number of rounds of prototypes that are tested and refined with consumers to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Brand sprint

Identified an opportunity that requires a new brand? Need to get to market before the competition? Want to set it up for success from day 1?

Our Brand Sprint program is an accelerated brand development process designed to create your brand in 4 weeks. Applying the four foundations outlined in Brand Hustle, mashed up with a rapid prototyping, testing and iterating mindset and great design. 

Design a brand with all of its touch-points ready to engage and disrupt, informed by the customer.

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Hi-Fi prototyping

Does your solution do the job it needs to? Are customers going to pay for it? Does it work? Hi Fi prototyping involves creating solutions that consumers can touch, hold, see and experience. It will look real, but its an illusion. We work with a team of makers to create life like solutions without the expensive back end. Learn that its right before you incur expensive rollout plans.