Design research

Fortune favours the curious.

At our core we are curious investigators in search of growth. We believe the richest insights come from being as close to the moment of behaviour as possible, which is why we don’t do focus groups.

We get out in the wild and go to where the customer is. We learn through customer immersions, expert interviews, mobile diaries and many other exploratory, ethnographic techniques.

Can you articulate the insight that will propel your product, service or brand into growth? What are you customers aspirations? And more importantly, what’s stopping them for achieving this nirvana? What’s the most valuable problem, the one that they are going to pay you to solve?Let us help you immerse yourself in your customers world.



“If they knew how much chocolate I really ate…”

Saying and doing are often two very different things. Which is why tomorrow’s businesses can’t rely on carefully-curated self-reporting after it happens – we need to immerse ourselves in our customers’ real world, whether it’s home, work, or some other place we didn’t even know existed.

Our Curiosity Framework is the fastest way to get to your customers’ deepest and truest insights, by revealing their actual behaviour, rather than their highly-curated, socially-pressured, or just misremembered recollections.

Mobile Diaries

Mobile diaries magically turn consumers into living breathing data!
7-day mobile diaries allow us to explore topics, habits, behaviours, and needs with real consumers, and discover revolutionary opportunities that were buried beneath our assumptions.
Providing a real-time account of events – as opposed to fragile (or even mistaken) memory accounts – our mobile diaries produces rich imagery and honest language, leading to deeper insights, hypothesis testing, and the discovery of even more valuable problems.
Expect the unexpected…


Journey Mapping

What are the moments of truth along the customer journey? The make or break moments
Research based journey maps informed by customer immersions, mobile diaries and our accelerated learning stages
Current or future state customer journeys

Jobs to be Done

Even complete chaos can make more sense when it’s broken down to a clear list of smaller goals. So – what are your customers’ biggest jobs to be done?
What are their functional, social, and emotional needs that you need to satisfy – before someone else does?
Our research-based ‘jobs to be done’ are informed by detailed customer immersions, real-life mobile diaries, and our accelerated learning stages, to provide you with the perfect brief – clear, concise, and achievable.


Future Casting

There’s no point making a better VHS head-cleaner when everyone’s about to switch to video streaming…
The world is changing so rapidly, organisations need to think outside of their current timeframe – if we don’t think of the future now, we will get relegated to the past.
With our help, you will be able to design for tomorrow, as together we clearly identify the problems and needs that will be important to your customers in the future, so you can act on them – now.
Complacency is so last season

Accelerated Learning

No project happens in isolation. Often there is a vast reservoir of knowledge that already exists, just waiting to be tapped by the smart, the resourceful, and the curious.
Our accelerated learning strategies are unique because they draw from a wide range of knowledge bases. Existing internal information. Subject matter experts. Futurists. Lead users – those consumers that are ahead of the curve and are solving their own problems with unique solutions. We tap them all.
There’s no decision like an informed decision…