Fresh ideas are born in a safe, playful, and nurturing environment.

An Agents of Spring harvesting lab is a full contact experience. We design bespoke ideation days with every minute of the experience designed for impact. We align and energise teams with a series of scientifically designed activities that culminate in the pitch.

How might we…

Innovation always starts with a great question. The how might we… The start of a great question.
A great question is the platform that invites solutions, opens up possibility and focuses your creative resources.

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Harvesting Lab

Fast paced, high energy team based workshops designed to crack ideas.
Purposefully designed using a range of scientific and psychology learnings. Designed to overcome cognitive bias and push teams out of their comfort zone to create break through thinking.
Teams finish the day pitching paper prototypes of new products and body storming new service experiences
Work alongside our Agents of ideas and illustrators to bring your ideas to life.

Lo-Fi prototyping

Our approach to prototyping is simple – fast and frequent. The faster you can prototype your idea, the faster you can share it, learn and strengthen. By the end of a day long Harvesting Lab teams pitch Lo-Fi paper prototypes in a dragon’s den environment. 
Our team of illustrators, designers and writers assist in taking initial ideas and bringing them to life further, from lo-fi to hi-fi. Each stage the prototypes get slicker, stronger and more refined.