Evette Cordy

I believe in the power of curiosity and creativity to uncover insight and unleash value creation.

Curiosity leads you down unexplored paths. Curiosity activates interesting questions, conversations and observations. Curiosity is like an itch that you want to scratch, like a stone that needs turning, like a door that needs opening. Curiosity unlocks insight.

I’m insatiably curious, and I’m passionate about cultivating your curiosity.

I am a human-centred designer who innovates and creates using a unique blend of curiosity and creativity anchored in the framework of Creative Problem Solving.

As the Chief Investigator at Agents of Spring, I help organisations curiously seek out and creatively solve their customers’ most valuable problems. The problems, that once solved, create value for both consumers and organisations. The problems that motivate consumers to pay brands to solve.

As a psychologist I have the expertise to get to the heart of human motivation, to create an optimal creative environment, and to both energise and synergise teams.


Cultivating Curiosity

How to unearth your most valuable problem to inspire growth