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Creativity is the skill of the future.

In their 2019 talent report, LinkedIn identified creativity as the most in-demand soft skill. This behavioural insight was derived from 590 million LinkedIn members in 200+ countries. While hard skills still matter, 92 per cent of the thousands of recruiters interviewed by LinkedIn for this report noted that soft skills matter just as much or even more. 


Are You Creatively Fit?

People often say they are not creative. Creativity is most often associated with the arts or design industries, yet it is a skill that applies to almost any role. Creativity is the use of imagination and originality in solving problems.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t consider yourself creative, the good news is that creativity is a skill that can be learned—it’s not an innate quality. With practice anyone can be creative, not just a privileged few.


Our one-day Creatively Fit workout is designed to uncover your creative problem solving style, teach you the fundamental skills of creative problem solving and give you a suite of purposeful tools to cultivate your creativity.

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1. Learn the Mindset

Learn about the four creativity mindsets and the role they play in creative problem solving. Learn about your individual and collective team’s creative problem solving style and default mindset. Learn about your collective team’s creative problem solving footprint and respective biases. Harness cognitive diversity to leverage creative tension and develop disruptive ideas to solve everyday business challenges.

2. Learn the Skillset

Gain practical experience in the two foundational creativity skills. These skills are like driving a car – with your foot on the brake and accelerator you will fail to move forwards. Learn how and when to apply these skills.  



3. Learn the Toolset

Learn and experience a range of practical tools you can apply immediately. All participants will receive a Creatively Fit Toolkit.

One-Day Creatively Fit Workout

$ 895 per person + GST
  • Minimum of 6 team members
  • Individual and team creative problem solving profiling
  • All participants receive a Creatively Fit Toolkit
  • Workshops in Melbourne held at the Agents of Spring Creative Space
  • Catering included (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)


Are you interested in a creative problem solving workout for your team?



Evette is a registered psychologist and innovation expert.  Evette designs workshops that are science-based and highly experiential with use of creativity and play with purpose. Evette believes that everyone is creative and is passionate about helping individuals and teams to cultivate their creativity. Evette offers highly interactive and engaging workshops – providing a creative paradigm to achieve breakthrough thinking. Evette is a certified facilitator of Strategic Play using LEGO® Serious Play® and Creative Problem Solving at CPSI in the USA.